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Travis Strikes Again: How Much It Costs

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Travis Strikes Again: How Much It Costs

How Much Travis Strikes Again Costs

Travis Strikes Again finally brings back the cult classic No More Heroes series. Travis Touchdown returns once gain on the Nintendo Switch, but this isn’t No More Heroes 3, and instead is more of a side story. As such many Switch owners might be wondering how much Travis Strikes Again costs.

As we said before, Travis Strikes Again is more of an indie release, rather than a full entry. Because of that, you won’t be paying the full $59.99 for the game. Basically, you have two options for buying the game. You can purchase Travis Strikes Again digitally on the Nintendo Switch eShop for $29.99.

Alternatively, if you’d like to have a physical copy to add to your collection you can purchase it for $39.99 through retailers like Amazon. The price difference is because the physical version includes the season pass, which will grant you access to DLC 1 and 2 that will add on new playable characters and stages.

You can purchase a bundle of the DLC and the game on the eShop for $39.97 as well.

Travis Strikes Again takes place after the two main games, with Travis retiring from his life of bounty hunting, isolating himself in a camper in the middle of a forest.

It’s a top-down hack and slash game that has Travis and Badman getting sucked into a retro video game console, and having to fight their way through the various games inside.

That’s everything you need to know about how much Travis Strikes Again costs. Make sure to search Twinfinite for all things No More Heroes related. For even more Switch related content, check out our list of the best RPGs and couch co-op games you can get on the system.


Question: How much does Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes cost?

Answer: You can purchase the game digitally on the Nintendo eShop for $29.99, or buy a physical copy for $39.99 at major retailers.

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