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12 Video Game Stories That Mess With Your Head


12 Video Game Stories That Mess With Your Head

For every run of the mill video game story that plays it safe, there are those with writing and twists that’ll leave you dazed and confused in the best possible way. These are the best 12 video game stories that mess with your head. *Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

The Best Video Game Stories That Mess With Your Head


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From the second you awaken on Soma’s sunken, robot infested facility, it’s clear something isn’t right.

Some of the mechanical monstrosities wandering the vessel’s corridors claim to be crew members that perished long ago, crying out in unnerving wails of pain and confusion should the player try to move or deactivate them.

Meanwhile, the main character, Simon Jarrett, has no memory of why he’s in this strange place to begin with. His last memory is of a visit to an experimental doctor, supposedly able to help alleviate his memory issues with a new treatment method.

As players progress through the game though, it’s revealed that the facility was meant to harbor the memories of the last survivors of earth, transferring them into machines so that they could live on in some way.

Simon is one such individual, his memories saved shortly before his original body died so many years ago.

This raises several questions for the player. Did those machines they deactivated earlier really feel pain when they were shut down? Was it like dying? Can they really be considered Simon anymore, or are they something else?

There’s no easy solution, instead leaving the player to turn it over in their head again and again until they arrive at an answer they can live with.

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