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PUBG: How to Update in Tencent Emulator

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PUBG: How to Update in Tencent Emulator

Here’s How to Update PUBG in Your Tencent Emulator

If you’re using the Tencent Emulator, then you know it’s an emulator that allows you to play PUBG mobile, the mobile version of the popular battle royale game, on PC. If you want to update PUBG in it, you of course need to have the emulator installed on your PC. Here’s how to update PUBG in Tencent Emulator.

If you already have it installed, skip this step. If you don’t, you need to download the emulator package first.

You can do that here.

Once you’ve got that downloaded, install it onto your PC.

Now that you’ve got the Tencent Emulator downloaded and installed on your PC, you’re ready to update PUBG in it. There are two ways to do this and both are equally as easy.

The first thing you can do is simply uninstall PUBG from the emulator on your PC and then reinstall it. When it reinstalls, it will install as the most up-to-date version.

Here’s a Summary of What You Need to Do

  • Uninstall PUBG from the Tencent Emulator on your PC
  • Reinstall PUBG in the Tencent Emulator to your PC and assuming you did so correctly, you will have installed the most up-to-date version of it

If you don’t want to uninstall the game, there is a way to update it and it’s quite simple.

First, open up the Tencent Emulator. Then, find PUBG and select it.

This should open up the game. Instead of clicking the Play button, which is likely what you usually do, click the Update option instead. This will search for updates and assuming you need one — that’s why you’re here after all — it will notify you that there is an update for you to install.

Select Yes when it asks if you wish to update PUBG. After this, the game should update and then you’re all set to enjoy PUBG on your PC once more.

Here’s a Summary of What You Need to Do

  • Open up the Tencent Emulator on your PC
  • Open up PUBG
  • Instead of clicking the Play button, select the Update option
  • If there is one, the emulator will notify you
  • Select the option to update the game
  • After it updates, you’re all set to play

If you’re tired of playing PUBG on PC, or have friends on PS4 that want to play, you can play the recently-released version of the game on PlayStation.

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