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Left Alive Gets Tons of Screenshots and a Trailer; Online Elements and New Game + Revealed

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Left Alive Gets Tons of Screenshots and a Trailer; Online Elements and New Game + Revealed

Today Square Enix released a new trailer and a large batch of screenshots of the upcoming survival shooter Left Alive.

We get to take a better look at one of the protagonists, Olga Sergeevena Kalinina and at two new characters.

Andrey Rukyanovich Borodin is an officer of the Garmoniyan army. He used to be Olga’s superior officer she lived in Garmoniya. While he is acting independently from the invading army, his real goals are unknown. He seems obsessed with Olga and appears in front of her often after they meet on the battlefield.

Yulia Pavlovna Smirnova is an orphaned girl wandering the street of Novo Slava. Her parents died during the demonstrations caused by the Novo Slava Liberation Movement. She used to live in a children’s welfare facility and met Olga after the beginning of the invasion.

We also get to see the Zhelaine P3 Wanzer, designed to operate while escorting infantry. The configurations of the legs allow the pilot to lower the body in order to reduce the frontal profile presenting the enemy with a smaller target.

The screenshots also showcase how the fate of some of the characters intertwines. Leonid, Olga, Mikhail, and others are all involved in unraveling the mystery behind the invasion of Novo Slava.

During gameplay, they’ll meet several civilians who weren’t able to evacuate. Players can decide to rescue as many as they can, but they can also opt to abandon them to preserve time and their limited supplies.

At times the civilians themselves won’t trust the heroes and will need to be persuaded. If this fails, they will refuse to evacuate. In other case fighting against the Garamoniyan soldiers is inevitable if you want to rescue the civilians they’re threatening.

When you decide to rescue a civilian, you need to escort them to a shelter. Once you have done that, they will be recorded in a database.

When you’re faced with opposition by enemy forces you have other options besides fighting. You can run away and hide (but if they see you while you’re hiding, they’ll drag you out). If you decide to stand and fight, you need to keep in mind that many Garamoniyan soldiers are heavily armored. Yet, you can shoot arms and legs not covered by armor in order to quickly put them out of commission. It’s important to aim carefully rather than shooting blindly.

There is also a wide array of gadgets that can be used. We get to see the sensor that lets you detect enemies nearby, the way you can turn empty cans and bottles into homemade explosives, wire traps, and IED mines, which you can use to cover your escape routes.

Enemy soldiers can notice those traps, but you can still kill them by shooting the traps themselves and involving the soldiers in the blast.

We finally hear about online features. When you’re connected online, you can turn on the Heat Map Display which gives an idea of where other players died. This helps you avoiding danger. On the other hand, you’ll also find their dead bodies that can be looted for rare items. You’ll have to decide between steering clear of dangerous location, or intentionally seek them for loot.

A New Game + feature is also available, letting you replay from the first chapter retaining your improved abilities. By doing so subquests that were difficult to clear in the first playthrough will become more approachable.

Lastly, we get to see the database. It includes a diagram featuring the relationships among characters, data about survivors you rescued, an archive of documents you can unlock by finding them in the various levels, an encyclopedia, and a set of tutorials.

If you want to see more about Left Alive, you can also watch the most recent gameplay trailer, some more footage, alongside a gallery with many screenshots and additional information, and some artwork released a few days ago. We also took a peek into the motion and performance capture process for the game and learned about two relevant characters.

Left Alive will release in Japan on Feb. 28, 2019, for PS4 and PC, and it’ll come west on March 5 for the same platforms.

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