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Kingdom Hearts 3: What the Hidden Mickeys (Lucky Emblems) Are For

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Kingdom Hearts 3: What the Hidden Mickeys (Lucky Emblems) Are For

What the Hidden Mickeys (Lucky Emblems) Are For in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 is the highly anticipated final chapter of the series’ Dark Seeker Saga, and as you might expect it’s a lengthy JRPG with tons of side content to dig into. Most of this side content comes in the form of hidden Mickey emblems. Here’s what the hidden Mickeys (Lucky Emblems) are for in Kingdom Hearts 3. 

There are a number of Emblems scattered across each and every world in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you’ll need to take a picture of them with your Gummiphone in order to log them down in Jiminy’s Journal.

What the Lucky Emblems Are For

The Lucky Emblems are essentially Kingdom Heart’s 3’s version of a collectible. As you collect more the game will give you rewards for finding certain amounts, like a new accessory for finding 20, for example. But there’s a dual purpose, as the Emblems are also needed to see the secret ending of Kingdom Hearts 3.

Depending on which difficulty you’re playing on, you’ll have to find more Hidden Emblems. Sadly we don’t know the exact number, but if you’re playing on Easy you’ll need to find all of the emblems to see the Secret Ending, on Standard you can afford to miss some, and on Proud you can miss even more.

If we find out more information on the exact number you need, we’ll make sure to update this article. Still, because you get rewards for finding emblems, it’s definitely in your best interest to hunt for them.

How to Find Lucky Emblems

Lucky Emblems can be a bit tricky to find in Kingdom Hearts 3, and you’ll really just need to keep an eye out and search every nook and cranny you can. Outside of simple Emblems being etched in walls you can also find environmental designs for the emblems. Check our guide for all Lucky Emblems locations in Kingdom Hearts 3.

For example, if you go to the front door of Andy’s House in Toy Box and look down the steps, you can see leaves arranged in a Mickey emblem. So always remember to look for these kinds as well.

Luckily, the game does give you some assistance for finding the emblems as well. Sometimes you might hear Donald, Goofy, or even Sora say that there’s a Lucky Emblem nearby. If you hear that just stop where you are and pull out your Gummiphone.

While you’re in picture mode Lucky Emblems will be highlighted in a yellow or red box; yellow meaning you’re at the right angle and distance and it’ll be logged down, and red meaning you need to readjust.

So when you hear a character say something, just pop into picture mode and search around the area for those colored boxes. All of the Lucky Emblems you’ve found will be logged down in the main menu under the Gummiphone option, and then Lucky Emblems.

That’s everything you need to know about what the hidden Mickeys (Lucky Emblems) are for in Kingdom Hearts 3. For even more tips and guides you can check out our growing Kingdom Hearts 3 wiki.


Question: What are the hidden Mickeys (Lucky Emblems) are for in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Answer: Taking pictures of Lucky Emblems is primarily used to see the Secret Ending of Kingdom Hearts 3, and you’ll need a different amount depending on which difficulty you’re playing on. However, you’ll also get rewards for photographing a certain number of them.

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