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5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One If You’re Looking for Something Similar


5 Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Super Smash Bros. will likely forever be – unless Nintendo drops out of the home console market – exclusive to their consoles. That doesn’t mean that Xbox One fans don’t have some options that measure up to the fighter though. Here are five games like Smash Bros for the Xbox One if you are looking for something similar.

Games Like Smash Bros for Xbox One


Smash Bros, Brawlhalla

You’ll find plenty of free-to-play games on the Xbox Marketplace, but few that are as polished and entertaining as Brawlhalla.

In this 2D platform fighter, players can choose between different characters, each with specific strength and weaknesses. While it doesn’t feature as many personalities as its Nintendo counterpart, Brawlhalla’s core gameplay loop is relatively similar for most fights.

The end goal is to knock players off the map, with the more damage being dealt throughout making them easier to dispose of. What sets Brawlhalla apart is its chaotic game modes.

From 1v1 to free-for-all to even a number of sports games, like the explosive target based Basketball-like Bombsketball, there is an array of different ways to enjoy battles in this free-to-play fighter.

Even Smash Bros fans have to admit that Brawlhalla is a worthy 2D fighter, as it has plenty of unique qualities that set it apart from being just another clone.

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