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4 Best Upcoming Switch Games for February 2019


4 Best Upcoming Switch Games for February 2019

Best Switch Games in February 2019

Wargroove (Feb. 1)

Possibly one of the most anticipated indie games since its announcement back in 2017, Wargroove will finally see its official release at the start of February.

To put things simply, Wargroove is essentially the Switch version of Advance Wars. The systems and mechanics will feel instantly familiar to Advance Wars fans, as you’re required to take over encampments on the map to build up your economy, and gradually save up enough funds to deploy more powerful units.

Players will move their units around on a grid map, making use of the terrain to increase their defenses against enemy units, taking over enemy buildings, all while trying to rout the enemy commander or destroy their stronghold.

Wargroove features a beautiful pixel art graphical style, complete with insanely detailed animations for each of the commanders you can play as. The soundtrack is full of bangers, the turn-based tactical combat is fun, and you can play as a dog. What’s not to love?

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