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The Game Industry Sure Seems Happy About Epic Games’ Store


The Game Industry Sure Seems Happy About Epic Games’ Store

Steam has always been the go-to client for gamers in the market for PC games and also a home for developers to host their indie games, hoping to make some profit on the titles that they’ve worked so hard on. But now, Steam might have some competition as Epic Games, the developer behind Fortnite: Battle Royale, has announced they will soon be launching their own digital distrubution platform called Epic Games Store.

The Epic Games Store will be rolling out sometime in 2019 and will apparently offer a more enticing deal for all developers and content creators alike, with the biggest highlight of the announcement stating that developers will receive 88% of revenue compared to Steam’s 70%.

Why and how Epic Games is able to do this is because of the major success that Fortnite has been seeing. Epic Games has quite a bit of a fortune on their hands to give and boy, do they plan on doing just that.

Surely, game developers should be more than happy to see Epic Games support the industry like this, so we went to Twitter to grab some of the best, heartfelt reactions that we could find. We gathered tweets from not only developers but from fans and just people who are excited for what this new store could mean for the future of indie games.

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