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Fallout 76: How to Get Marine Armor Plans


Fallout 76: How to Get Marine Armor Plans

How to Get Marine Armor Plans in Fallout 76

Marine Armor is some of the best in Fallout 76, having high damage resistance and able to be modded to become lightweight. Unfortunately, finding the plans can be a bit tricky, so make sure you follow our guide on how to get Marine Armor plans in Fallout 76 to maximize your chances of building this highly-sought after armor.

Marine Armor Plans

Marine armor is actually broken into a handful of different plans, so be on the lookout to collect all of them:

  • Helmet (two styles – tactical and combat)
  • Chest armor
  • Right arm
  • Left arm
  • Right leg
  • Left leg

Buying Marine Armor Plans

In Fallout 76, vendors change their inventory periodically, refreshing around every 24 hours. That means that you’ll need to be constantly checking them to see what new mods and plans they offer to make the most out of them.

For Marine Armor plans, the best place to attempt to find them is at the vendor in Watoga Station and the vendor at Harper’s Ferry. The wandering Super Mutant merchant Grahm also occasionally carries the plans as well, so make sure to shop the wares whenever you spot him.

Marine Armor Loot Drops

These plans can also be dropped from killing high-level enemies although this is the least reliable way to get them due to how many different types of items can drop from a kill. Players have reported that killing Scorchbeasts yield the best chances of getting the plans, but again, take this with a grain of salt, as the drop rate is not certain right now.

Checking at Harper’s Ferry

The last method seems to be the most reliable but may require some server hopping to execute. In the eastern location Harper’s Ferry (see the map below), there are different Marine Armor plans that sometimes spawn in the area.

Harpers ferry

One set of plans is to a building on the right-hand side of the destroyed city if you are facing the vendor bot location, while another can sometimes be found up near a destroyed railcar. In both cases, the plans will be in destroyed display cases, so make sure you check all of them just in case.

If you head to these areas and the plans aren’t there, you can log out and back in to see if another server may have them present instead. By repeating this process, you’ll have the best chance at finding the plans, though it could take a while

For a more detailed walkthrough on this method, you can check out the video below by Youtuber MyUsualMe.

As of now, those are the only somewhat reliable ways to try and amass the Marine Armor plans in Fallout 76. Although it may be tedious to collect them all, the payoff is worth it.

That does it for how to get Marine Armor plans in Fallout 76. For more strategies, tips, and tricks to study up on during your travels through the West Virginian wasteland, check out our Fallout 76 wiki.

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