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5 Kenshi Mods You Can’t Play Without


5 Kenshi Mods You Can’t Play Without

5 Kenshi Mods You Can’t Play Without

Dark UI

Kenshi, Mods

Being the ambitious and immersive experience that it is, Kenshi will have players living in their world for hours at a time. As a result of this, they’ll also spend their fair share of hours staring at the game’s menus and user interface, which can be a regular strain on one’s eyes.

As such, the Dark UI mod is a must for anyone who sees themselves playing the game long term. Decking all of the game’s menus out in a night mode-style presentation, it’ll keep your eyes relaxed and ready to catch every detail of the game, especially in low light play.

This includes everything from the equipment and inventory menus to the basic text display, ensuring there’s no clashing between UI element styles while you play.

If it ever becomes a nuisance or you find yourself wanting to go back to the standard UI look, the mod can be disabled freely at any time as well. Don’t pass up on this mod if you want the best quality of life optimization while you play.

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