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10 Gaming Moments That Blew Everyone Away in 2018


10 Gaming Moments That Blew Everyone Away in 2018

In every great game, there are moments that stand out as shocking, awe-inspiring and utterly unforgettable, and try as we might, we’ll never be able to forget them. Among the moments we had from this year’s titles, these were the top 10 gaming moments that blew us away in 2018.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead. Due to the nature of this article, we’ll be discussing some major plot point in some of 2018’s biggest games, like God of War and Celeste. If there’s anything you want to avoid, this is your warning.*

Top 10 Gaming Moments That Blew Us Away in 2018

Taking Down Your First Large Monster (Monster Hunter World)

monster hunter world, plunderblade

When you stepped into Monster Hunter World for the first time, you probably didn’t think you’d ever get to this point.

Starting off with sub-par equipment, you had next to no knowledge on how to best approach the world’s different breeds and beasts. Your item loadout was lacking, and you were torn to shreds multiple times as they learn the ropes in a trial by fire.

And yet, you stuck with it. You learned the game’s mechanics and upgraded your equipment, hunting bigger and badder prey as you went.

Then, the time comes to take on the hunt for one of the game’s larger beasts.

After tracking it down, you attack it with everything you had. You know where you need to be and when in order to deal maximum damage, and have enough items to keep your health and stamina up to pursue it across the map.

When the beast finally falls and the spoils of the hunt lie before you, one thing is clear: You aren’t the helpless beginner who first started playing this game and you’re finally ready to play it in earnest.

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