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Red Dead Online: How Many Players in a Lobby


Red Dead Online: How Many Players in a Lobby

How Many Players Are in a Lobby in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online’s Beta has begun and finally some of our questions have been answered about the long awaited game mode. Before release Rockstar stayed pretty tight lipped about what exactly Red Dead Online would look like, including how many players would be in a single lobby.

After the success of GTA Online it was pretty safe to assume it would follow a similar model, just tailored for a wild west setting. Red Dead Online has a lot to offer with its vast open world, gangs, and even a Battle Royale mode titled “Make it Count.

While free roaming in Red Dead Online you will be put in a lobby with 32 players including yourself. This may seem like a pretty large number, but with the sheer size of the map, the most populated areas will be towns like Rhodes and Valentine.

If you want to just get away from the chaos with your friends you can always head north into the mountains to hunt and camp with your friends, but always be on the lookout for another player who may be looking to get the jump on you.

There are missions and side quests to complete in Red Dead Online that you can do with up to four players, if you’re interested in something a bit more organized. Be as honorable or as evil as you want, but it will factor into the online story in different ways.

That’s all you need to know about how many players are in a lobby of Red Dead Online. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to check out our Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online Wiki. You can also read our review and thoughts of the game right here.

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