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Red Dead Online Battle Royale: How to Play Make it Count Battle Royale Mode


Red Dead Online Battle Royale: How to Play Make it Count Battle Royale Mode

How to Play Make it Count Battle Royale Mode in Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online brings a substantial amount of multiplayer content to Red Dead Redemption 2. Although it’s still only in beta, there are a number of different modes to play. Here’s how to play Make it Count Battle Royale mode in Red Dead Online.

Make it Count can be played in either 16 or 32-player variants. How to access the mode isn’t entirely clear, though, so here’s a step-by-step breakdown to help you out:

  • After completing the tutorial, when loading up Red Dead Online, you’ll be brought to a menu, allowing you to select the different regions you can start Free Roaming in, or, if you scroll down onto the next row, you’ll come across the Playlists section.
  • Here, you’ll find Showdown Series, Showdown Series Large, and Race Series. Either of the Showdown options will give you a chance of coming across Make it Count.
  • It’s literally just a case of hoping that when you join a lobby that it randomly assigns you a Make it Count match. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to either back out of the lobby and try again, or just keep playing through the game modes it selects until it comes up.
  • In our experience, attempting to play the standard Showdown Series got us into a match of Make it Count faster.

As for what the mode itself is actually comprised of, Red Dead Online puts its own spin on the popular battle royale genre that has taken over the multiplayer scene over the past twelve months. Essentially, it’s battle royale on a smaller scale with a limited supply of rudimentary weapons.

There are actually two modes within Make it Count: one that equips players with a bow and limited amount of arrows; and another mode in which players wield throwing knives and a knife (it’s a one-hit kill affair).

As for locations, there are three known locations for Make it Count: Tall Trees, Stillwater Creek, and Strawberry.

That’s all the information you’ll need to play Make it Count battle royale mode in Red Dead Online. For more useful guides, we have an extensive Red Dead Redemption 2 guide wiki that covers both the single-player and multiplayer portions of the game.

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