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Overkill’s Walking Dead: How to Get Wire Cutters


Overkill’s Walking Dead: How to Get Wire Cutters

How to Get Wire Cutters in Overkill’s Walking Dead

Overkill’s The Walking Dead blends together two beloved multiplayer games: Left 4 Dead and Payday. It’s time to get yourself in gear with three of your friends as a survivor in the zombie apocalypse. But what’s that in your way? A fence? Why, just use some wire cutters! Here’s how to get wire cutters in Overkill’s Walking Dead.

Wire cutters, like all the other tools you’re able to equip, are gotten buy buying the ability to have them using scrap and equipment.

How do you get equipment and scrap, you might ask? Well, the best way is through playing the game and looting and scavenging everything in your path. But you can also head over to the Survivors menu and send some of your survivors on missions that will then yield scrap so long as they’re successful.

Once you have enough scrap, head to the Camp Upgrades menu and then choose the Range option. You’ll need to buy The Range, which will cost you 20 scrap and 10 equipment.

When you have it, though, it will allow you to upgrade Tactician survivors, gives you access to the weapon core ability tree, the Range Work Station, and finally, the good ol’ wire cutter will unlock.

Next, you’re going to need to stay in that menu and look where it says Tools. There’s the wire cutter! Buy it for 10 scrap and 15 equipment and you’ll be good to go. Now, like with lockpicks, mechanic’s kits, power kits, and chem kits, you’ll be able to use them out and about.

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You can equip them when you’re in the lobby awaiting a match with other players. Just hover over the Tools in your Loadout section and choose them there.

They’re a great way of getting through fences or other obstructions and accessing areas in a different way that you normally wouldn’t have been able to. Or they’re even good for getting to a place you couldn’t reach before, which might give you a sweet reward for getting there.

Like all those other tools, though, keep in mind that you’ll use it once in a level and then can’t use it again.

But there you have it! That’s how you get the wire cutters in Overkill’s Walking Dead! If you need any other help with the game, let us know your question in the comments down below and we’ll be sure to help you out.

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