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4 FFVII Compilation Titles Square Enix Should Release Alongside the Remake


4 FFVII Compilation Titles Square Enix Should Release Alongside the Remake

Final Fantasy VII is one of Square Enix’s most successful, and most acclaimed, games of all time. It set a high threshold for the series, and the company, that many would argue it hasn’t been able to meet since. In the early 2000’s along with the feature film Advent Children, Square Enix released a series of spin-off games and other projects that made the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

A recent statement from Final Fantasy VII Remake director, Tetsuya Nomura, indicated that he and the team were considering including Compilation titles alongside the release of the Remake. We’ve got a few ideas as to what Compilation titles should be focused on, should the development team go ahead with the idea.

4 FFVII Compilation Games Square Enix Should Release Alongside the Remake

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

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Without a doubt, one of the most requested games from Final Fantasy fans is a rerelease of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The PSP game told a prequel story to FFVII, focusing on Cloud’s friend Zack Fair and his rise through the ranks of Soldier, and relationship with its top members including Sephiroth.

The fan-favorite title had an emotional story with some fantastic character development and helped flesh out the world of FFVII even more. A handful of new characters were introduced alongside original ones, with Sephiroth’s close friends Angeal and Genisis being the biggest new additions. It also sported a real-time combat system that used a unique slot machine mechanic to affect combat and use special attacks.

Out of all the Compilation of FFVII projects, Crisis Core was the best and most successful, cementing Zack’s place as one of the series’ best characters. Unfortunately, to this day it’s only on PSP and we’ve never gotten it in another form, not even a digital version on PS Vita. This means it isn’t the easiest game to find or play these days, and a remaster of Crisis Core would be the perfect thing to lead into the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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