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Top 10 Most Evil Pokemon


Top 10 Most Evil Pokemon

A sanguine philosopher once opined that “Pokemon do bad things because master bad. Pokemon not bad.”

His name was Ekans (in his later years he went by Arbok), and though the sentiment is an admirable one, it is patently untrue; the Pokemon universe is absolutely riddled with creatures great and small that could be generously described as a bunch of jerks.

As we progress deeper into the wicked month of October, we now turn our attention towards the top 10 most evil Pokemon of them all. Don’t trust them with your children, your wallet, or your tax return. Particularly that last one, because nobody likes an audit, after all.

This article will contain occasional spoilers for the mainline games, as well as some of the spinoff titles. As if you care about the plot in a Pokemon game.

Top 10 Most Evil Pokemon


In our ranking of the creepiest Pokemon, the Ghost-Type inevitably reigned supreme, and odds are that Dark-Type ‘mons will feature prominently in this edition. Maybe we can finish it off with a list of the top 10 coldest Pokemon so the undervalued Ice-Type finally gets its day in the sun? Not literally, of course, as they’d likely melt.

Malamar has perhaps the most interesting evolutionary method, requiring you to turn your system upside down when an Inkay reaches level 30. Hopefully Nintendo will continue with portable hardware moving forward, for the sake of our poor wrists.

It is a natural hypnotist, purportedly possessing ‘the most compelling hypnotic powers of any Pokemon’. It typically uses this ability to make others do its bidding, and as such, it is popular among criminals and politicians.

Should it have a hankering for a tasty snack, it will lure prey in with a transfixing wiggle before ensnaring them in its tentacles and smothering them in digestive fluids. It’s like the Pokemon version of the mythical siren, and it wants to spew its Spaghetti-O’s all over your new Italian loafers. Avoid!!

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