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Are You A White Or Black Hat Cowboy? Find Out With This Red Dead Redemption 2 Quiz


Are You A White Or Black Hat Cowboy? Find Out With This Red Dead Redemption 2 Quiz

During the last days of the Wild West, gunslingers of differing moral codes rose to become both lawful paragons and chaotic neer-do-wells in several legends. Put simply, the heroic white hats battled the evil black hats in Western tales as old as the period.

Red Dead Redemption 2 closely follows this cowboy cliche. Do you know which moral path you’ll follow? Take the Red Dead Redemption 2 Quiz below to find out whether you’ll don a white or black hat during your time within the New Austin territory. Choose your path by clicking on the appropriate response. We strongly recommend clicking only the path options at the bottom of each scenario, and avoid clicking the arrows at the top and bottom of each page to preserve the quiz experience.


red dead redemption 2 quiz

A buzz of conversation stirs you from the little rest captured during your journey. A week-long train ride hasn’t done much to soothe your soul of its past troubles, but your interest is piqued upon spying a beacon of American development coming around the bend.

Blackwater may not look like much at the moment, a small town strip paling in comparison to the size of the nation’s eastern cities. But Blackwater’s prime location along the railroad has turned it into a strategic entry point for settlers seeking fortune in the New Austin territory.

You are among these fortune seekers, hoping to carve a name for yourself in the territory. A wry grin creases your face when the train finally pulls in to Blackwater. After cracking your neck and back into shape, you head towards the Blackwater saloon seeking a hot meal, some shots of whiskey, and a spot to relax for the day.

The hot New Austin sun beats down, making you curse not having a decent hat to your name. You head in the saloon’s general direction, a hand shielding your sight from the blaring light. But suddenly, you stumble upon a burly stranger coming out of the Blackwater saloon.

The stench of stale whiskey reeks off his breath as you quickly face each other. The man squints your way, unsteady upon his feet and belligerent with your indecency. Fumbling as he does so, the man places his hand on a holstered revolver, cautiously assessing your next move.

What do you do?

He won’t get away with that! Narrowing your eyes, you calmly rest your hand upon the worn handle of your revolver. Your steely gaze seems to dare the drunken townsman to draw first.


Punishing a drunk isn’t worth the effort. Relaxing your stance, you nod in the drunk’s general direction as he tips his cap back your way. With the situation de-escalated, you continue heading towards the Blackwater saloon.

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