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Both Outlast Games Get Physical Releases on Switch This Week

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Both Outlast Games Get Physical Releases on Switch This Week

Horror titles Outlast and Outlast 2 are getting physical releases on Nintendo Switch this week, according to Limited Run Games.

Horror games Outlast and Outlast 2 are receiving physical releases this Friday, Oct. 26, according to an announcement from Limited Run Games. Just in time for Halloween.

Previously only available digitally, both games will be receiving physical releases this week with Outlast costing $29.99 and Outlast 2 costing $34.99. The original game will also come with the Whistleblower DLC, first released in 2013.

Limited Run Games also announced that a collector’s edition will be coming that includes both games. When asked by twitter user @Matt_Plews if the collector’s edition would be cheaper than buying both versions separately, Limited Run Games responded, “Depends on how you assign value to the items inside the CE – it includes a lot of extra stuff.”

For those unfamiliar, these are first-person survival horror games, known for their jump scares, creepy themes, and violent imagery. Outlast 2 even had some trouble getting released at all in Australia because of its violent content. For more on these games, read our Outlast 2 review, and our Editor-in-Chief’s piece about why he will never play it again.

To stay up to date on when and how you can secure your copies, follow Limited Run Games at their website.

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