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5 Best Switch Games to Have On Your Radar in November 2018


5 Best Switch Games to Have On Your Radar in November 2018

Best Switch Games in November 2018

Transistor (Nov. 1)


If you’ve played any of Supergiant’s games so far, but somehow missed Transistor, you should definitely pick it up. As the second major game from Supergiant, Transistor is a top-down, isometric RPG with a sci-fi setting. Unlike Bastion, however, the game allows you to play it as either a turn-based RPG or as a more fast-paced action game.

Set in the neon city of Cloudbank, players take control of a singer named Red, who’s on a revenge mission to hunt down the people who killed her boyfriend. Meanwhile, her boyfriend’s soul is trapped inside a giant sword that Red carries around, and he’s voiced by the insanely talented Logan Cunningham, also known for his outstanding performance in Bastion.

Transistor’s story isn’t terribly long, but it’s full of fun side challenges that will test your skills with the game’s combat system, and there are tons of modifiers you can make use of to turn up the difficulty as well. Transistor’s reasonable length and style of gameplay suits the Switch very well, just as Bastion did, and this is one of the best Switch games you should keep an eye out for this month.

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