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The Best Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution


The Best Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution

Wondering what you should evolve your Pokemon GO Eevee into? Here’s a breakdown of the best evolution by strength, defense, and type. Let’s go over the best Eevee Evolution in Pokemon GO.

If you’re looking for the best Eevee Evolutions in the general games, though, head on over to that ranking.

Best Pokemon GO Eevee Evolution

Your favorite Eevee evolution is likely one of Pokemon’s most personal preferences outside of your choice of starter. But Pokemon GO isn’t about personal. It’s about winning.

Or at least it is for a lot of people. Now that we know how to choose what our Eevee will evolve into (and if you don’t know how to do that, check out the trick here), it’s time to sit down and think about which one is going to help you dominate your local Gyms.

Gyms are Pokemon GO’s greatest end game activity. Once you’ve caught them all, or at least enough to satisfy you, these Gyms are the last avenue of challenge.

So, which Eevee is the strongest in Pokemon GO? We’ll walk you through the strengths and weaknesses of all three options.

1. Flareon

Flareon struggles against some of Pokemon GO’s most common types. It is weak to Ground, Rock, and Water. The first two are common in rural and arid locales, while the latter is common anywhere there are bodies of water. The three groups cover a lot of land mass, leaving Flareon vulnerable to many attacks.

On the bright side, Flareon is resistant to Ice, Steel, Bug, Fire and Grass attacks. This bright side is, admittedly, not very bright. Steel moves are fairly rare and weak among current Pokemon GO Pokemon.

Bug type attacks face the same problem, with the added negative that many Bug-based Pokemon (Pinsir, Beedrill, etc.) reside in Pokemon GO’s lowest competitive tiers. Flareon’s moves will also do small damage to Dragon, Fire, Water, and Rock type Pokemon, the former three making up a large percentage of Gym contenders.

Flareon does have access to Heat Wave, Fire Blast, and Flamethrower as special moves, all boasting extremely high damage. This fireball, in the end, is a decent offensive pick if you’re facing off against types weak to Fire. Unfortunately, its weaknesses and low CP/defense ratings make it our third best pick.

2. Jolteon

Jolteon fares a little better than its fiery sibling, weak only to Ground type moves (stay the hell away from Earthquake.) On the other hand, Jolteon sports few helpful resistances, holding out against the uncommon Electric, Flying, and Steel type moves.

Jolteon’s Electric attacks will more easily take down Flying and Water types, but are weak against Dragon, Electric, Grass, and Ground Pokemon. With Lapras becoming a more common Gym defender, Jolteon may just be your prime pick.

Overall, Jolteon tends to sport lower CP and attack power than Flareon, but its typing is the true cinch. Pokemon GO isn’t always a game of attack numbers.

With the variety of types out there, it’s important to have one defender sporting a single weakness. Jolteon also benefits from being one of Pokemon GO’s stronger and more easily leveled electric types. Pokemon like Electebuzz and Pikachu may seem more attractive, but will be much harder to accrue candy for.

3. Vaporeon

If we had to hand one Eevee evolution the moniker of “best,” it would go to Vaporeon. This evolution is super effective against Fire, Ground, and Rock types, which can be a boon for those of you battling in Arcanine-dominated areas.

Its Water attacks will be weak against Dragon, Water, and Grass types, but Vaporeon gets a little slack on this end.

Its Water Gun basic attack is one of the fastest-firing in the game. Speed is not well measured in Pokemon GO, but Vaporeon can basic attack much faster than its counterparts.

This Eevee option is resistant to Fire, Ice, Steel, and Water – all of which except Steel are commonly strong attacks. Vaporeon will be weak to any Electric or Grass type moves, but these are among the less common attack types in the Gym brackets.

Vaporeon tends to carry higher CP than other Eevee evolutions, as well. This combined with its lightning fast basic attack and moderate typing advantages tend to make it the most desired Pokemon GO Eeveelution out there.

What Pokemon GO Eevee evolution is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below, and good luck out there!

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