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6 Iconic Spider-Man Costumes That Should Have Been in Marvel’s Spider-Man


6 Iconic Spider-Man Costumes That Should Have Been in Marvel’s Spider-Man

6 Iconic Costumes that Should have Been in Marvel’s Spider-Man

The Bombastic Bag-Man / The Amazing Bag-Man


Spider-Man on PlayStation 4 boasted a wide array of classic Spidey garments, but a few were curiously missing. Of course, Insomniac was not going to waste all of its costume potential, especially with DLC on the way. Despite the obvious financial benefits of keeping the costume selection limited, here are six of Spider-Man’s costumes should have made the cut:

Sure, we had a few comedic surprises in Spider-Man’s wardrobe, but the Bag-Man costume would have been a real treat. For those unaware, this costume may seem confusing: yes, that *is* Spidey in a Fantastic Four costume. Yes, instead of a mask, he chose a *bag* as his mask. Oh, and if you do a quick Google search, it also comes with a “Kick Me!” sign on the back. The story behind this costume stretches back to the Symbiote Saga, when Peter Parker donned the now-famous Symbiote Suit.

When experimenting with a piece of the symbiote from Peter, the Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards asked to examine it in the lab. However, this left Peter costumeless, and he could not exactly go web-slinging in his normal clothes. As a result, the Human Torch lent him a Fantastic Four costume, a lunch bag, and no shoes. The “Kick Me!” sign came courtesy of Johnny. The costume made a short re-appearance during the Identity Crisis arc, where Peter named himself “The Bombastic Bag-Man.”

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