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10 Scariest Games to Make This Halloween a Sleepless Night


10 Scariest Games to Make This Halloween a Sleepless Night

The last few years havev seen a resurgence in the horror genre for video games, with all-time classic series making a return and brand new games trying drastically different things to shake the genre up. With the Halloween season upon us, there’s no better time to jump in and scare yourself silly. We’ve compiles a list of some great recent horror games to play for Halloween.

As a note we’ve stuck to more recent entries that you might not have played yet this year, rather than all-time classics like Resident Evil 4, Dead Space, or Amnesia.

Scariest Games to Play This Halloween


Soma comes from the minds at Frictional Games, the same team behind the terrifying Amnesia series. While there’s a huge change in scenery, switching to sci-fi, the sense of dread and tension in Amnesia still permeates all of Soma. The game takes place in the underwater research station of PATHOS-II, which originally functioned as a mass driver to send objects into space.

The crew of the station unexpectedly become the last humans alive after an extinction-level event, and the machines inside PATHOS-II begin to develop consciousness.

Soma is so terrifying because of the way it uses psychological horror, instead of relying on your typical jump scares. The narratives hooks you early on and keeps you there, and it’s more about dealing with the horror of reality than any mind-blowing event. If you’re looking for a more thoughtful horror game this Halloween, Soma should definitely be your choice.

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