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Spider-Man PS4: Where Venom Is (Spoilers)


Spider-Man PS4: Where Venom Is (Spoilers)

Where Venom Is in Spider-Man PS4

There are a bundle of iconic villains in Insomniac Games’ Spider-Man for the PS4, but the juiciest little tease that had fans really excited prior to release was the reveal that Venom would be in the game. He’s definitely a fan favorite, so no doubt everyone’s wondering where exactly they can face him. Well, don’t fear, if you want to know where Venom is in Spider-Man for the PS4, I have you covered with this guide.

But, of course, beware that there are spoilers down below.

Alright, so, it turns out that Peter Parker’s best friend Harry isn’t actually abroad having the time of his life like he said he was. All of those references to him casually through the game were all a big ol’ lie.

Harry’s actually really sick, and in a desperate attempt to save his life, it seems Norman Osborn might have made a monster.

The post credits scene for the game (after you beat it all) features Norman walking through a secret room in his penthouse suite. He approaches what appears to be a cryogenic capsule, and it’s revealed that Harry’s floating in there, among green goop.

But what’s more, he’s in there with what looks awfully similar to Venom’s iconic symbiotic tentacles. He reaches out with them to touch the glass as his father says he loves him, and it’s clear that he’s not all gone just yet. But there’s no doubt that the timeless villain is in actuality Peter Parker’s greatest friend. Deep stuff.

If you’re interested in seeing this scene for yourself, check out our video over here.

That’s it, though! That’s where Venom is at for Spider-Man on the PS4. Hopefully it’s a sign of great things to come for this series. If you need any other help with the game or want to spoil yourself further with the story, check out our wiki for the game over here. It’s always changing up.

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