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The Hottest Fortnite Season 6 Theories We Hope are True


The Hottest Fortnite Season 6 Theories We Hope are True

The Hottest Fortnite Season 6 Theories We Hope are True

The Dragon Theory

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Reddit User Hex_Adapt has been speculating for the past few weeks now about a potential dragon renaissance in Fortnite. At first, Hex thought his theory might be a tie-in with the slogan for Season 5 “Worlds Collide”, but it seems that Epic is hinting at something for Season 6. In one of the loading screens in Fortnite, the Brite Bomber can be seen staring into that mysterious purple cube. What she sees is her own reflection, but instead of a Unicorn on her shirt, it’s a dragon. There have also been some teases of a potential new castle area making its way to Pleasant Park, which would also fit this theory.

One of the most crucial pieces of this theory comes from a leaked game file of an open egg. Could this be a dragon egg, or merely just something unrelated? Of course, this is just a theory, but one we would love to see come true.

The Parallel Universe Theory

The giant purple cube that has been terrorizing Fortnite for the past few weeks has obviously garnered a lot of attention from the community. Reddit User Gragiator has offered a very simple but interesting theory. What if the cube contains a parallel Fortnite universe? Going back to that week 10 loading screen of Brite Bomber seeing her reflection has the community going crazy with theories. A parallel universe doesn’t seem too far-fetched though. What if that version of Brite Bomber players are seeing is the “Nite” Bomber, an evil version of the fan favorite skin? This idea could open up a pathway for a night time map, evil versions of skins, and some interesting new areas. Not to mention the color purple has been linked to Drift, the base skin for the Season 5 Battle Pass. Drift was an invader from another world, so whatever is in this cube could likely be similar.

The Tilted Theory


Now, this theory from Reddit user Rakeshot doesn’t have much backing behind it, but it’s tradition now to believe Tilted Towers will be destroyed by some outside force. Ever since the beginning of Season 3, people have been theorizing about the ultimate demise of Tilted Towers in hopes of removing this highly contested area from the map entirely. At first, people thought the meteor from Season 3 would decimate it, then it was the rocket crashing into it, and now this giant purple cube is going to take it out. Epic has played into this myth in a few different ways. In Season 3 they added hand-drawn pictures of the meteor hitting Tilted Towers, and in Season 4 Epic had the rocket fly straight for Tilted Towers before quickly turning in a different direction. Season 5 had the purple cube roll right through it, so could this be the end for Tilted Towers finally? While we don’t believe this to be true, it’s still fun to believe that Tilted Towers may one day be destroyed for good.

The Visitor Theory

This theory is one of the most lore-heavy theories currently out there for Fortnite Season 6. It doesn’t go into what Season 6 will be exactly, but it does try to explain how we got here in the first place. Reddit user lavamanthegreat suggests that The Visitor, which many of you know as the secret Season 4 skin obtained by completing seven weeks of challenges, is in fact behind the giant purple cube. After The Visitor launched his rocket into the sky and opened the rift that began Season 5, he was captured by a group known as “The Enforcers” who are a mysterious group of inter-dimensional police. It is suggested that they captured and trapped The Visitor inside this purple cube to keep him from returning home in hopes of restoring balance to the world after these rifts opened. The Visitor realized he could move the cube to Loot Lake and dissolve whatever prison he is trapped in. Now, this is just a small part of this theory, but it would make for a great story with a character we are already familiar with. While we still don’t know what Season 6 looks like exactly, we would love for some of this lore to be included in the game as supplementary reading.

The DJ Theory

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The official Fortnite Twitter account tweeted this photo with the caption “All great parties need a DJ.” Yes, that is a robotic llama-headed DJ standing inside of the purple cube. While this doesn’t debunk any of the previous theories mentioned, it does add a completely new layer to everything. The cube dissolved in Loot Lake and has left it a purple mess, but just last season, one of the factories on the edge of Loot Lake was a dance club. Could this be returning in the form of a giant Fortnite-themed party for Season 6? Does the Llama DJ have evil intentions, or was just this just all one giant party cube all along?

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