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Dragon Quest XI: Is It PS4 Pro Compatible?


Dragon Quest XI: Is It PS4 Pro Compatible?

Is Dragon Quest XI PS4 Pro Compatible?

The PlayStation 4 version of Dragon Quest XI continues the eye-popping colorful art style first introduced in Dragon Quest VIII on the PlayStation 2, but is now coupled with high definition visuals fit for this current console generation. Considering that this is the first time a main entry in the series is hitting HD consoles, fans will likely be looking to maximize the game’s full potential. So, does Dragon Quest XI support PS4 Pro enhancements and are the improvements significant?

As is usually the case with games running on the PS4 Pro, Dragon Quest XI benefits from some graphical improvements on Sony’s more powerful console. The PS4 Pro version uses checkerboard rendering and upscales it to 2160p for a better overall image quality, from the HUD and user interface to the game’s environments. Apart from an improved image resolution, everything else remains identical on both consoles.

In terms of performance, both the PS4 and PS4 Pro versions run at a rock solid 30 frames per second. Transitioning to the battle screen or entering various towns is fast on both platforms, only taking a few seconds to load you right back in the action.

In a nutshell, Dragon Quest XI’s PS4 Pro support is primarily aimed for gamers with a 4K TV that are looking for better image quality. Those who only own a base PS4 will not miss out on any special effects, lighting, improved performance, and any other bells and whistles. The game world looks beautiful and vibrant regardless of what PS4 version you get. In our review, we even stated that the game has an “absolutely gorgeous graphical and art style, with a vibrant well-realized world.

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