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7 Hardest First Boss Battles That For Sure Made Gamers Ragequit


7 Hardest First Boss Battles That For Sure Made Gamers Ragequit

Here are the 7 hardest first boss battles that made gamers ragequit. Anyone who has played a video game has probably fought a boss at some point. For many, the chance to rumble with a powerful entity and test one’s skills is a high point in gaming.

Whether it involves developing a winning strategy or getting the muscle memory down for dodging, we’re typically eager for a bit of challenge.

First bosses typically act as pseudo-tutorials and teach us about important mechanics of the game. Other times, they’re just there to kick us down when we’re at our weakest.

For this list, we’re focusing on some of the most unfairly hard first boss battles that made us want to quit.

Devil May Cry 3 – Cerberus

Hardest First Boss Battles

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Devil May Cry 3 was never an easy game. Back in the day, Capcom had to make guides for players because they couldn’t beat its impossible final boss. For many gamers who grew up on the PlayStation 2, this was the standout hardcore action game before Demon’s Souls kicked off the entire trend anew.

People who played Devil May Cry 3 were also likely in it for the stylish combat. Indeed, the moment you dive into the game you’ll immediately see Dante downing demons in classic cocky form.

For the most part, the game does a good job at teaching you how to play while evoking that sense of empowerment. And then, it quickly throws you off the deep end.

It doesn’t take long into the game before you’re fighting a boss named Cerberus. Just as the name suggests, this is a three-headed dog that’s guarding the entrance to the giant tower you’re supposed to climb.

Not only are you fighting him in a cramped room, he hits like a truck, uses multiple vague melee attacks, shoots out projectiles, and even drops icicles from the ceiling.

It’s hard to say whether Cerberus’ crushing difficulty was designed this way so that Capcom could teach players about what they were getting into.

The game does get relatively easier after this, but for many fans, Cerberus was true to its role as a gatekeeper to the actual game.

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