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3 Best Switch Kids Games of August 2018


3 Best Switch Kids Games of August 2018

Okami HD

okami hd, microsoft, xbox one, anime

Okami’s stylish watercolor themed art style would make anyone, even a child, drop their jaw in amazement at how beautiful the world looks. Playing similarly to The Legend of Zelda series, albeit a bit simpler to manage, Okami would be the perfect “first Zelda” for a younger gamer to play through. The main star of the game, Amaterasu, is one of the cutest wolfs in video game history, and we’re pretty sure that kids love animals … right? Well, we did at least.

Just focus on the simple fact that this endearing gem of a game is only $20 on the Nintendo eShop right now and your kids will surely enjoy it. The combat uses paintbrush movements on the touch-screen to attack enemies and it’s also used to interact with objects in the environment, so swipe away. With its easy to learn controls, the game never gets too difficult and should be a proper choice for the young gamer in your life.

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