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Top 5 Biggest Announcements From Gamescom 2018


Top 5 Biggest Announcements From Gamescom 2018

5 Biggest Announcements From Gamescom 2018

Shenmue 3 Release Date

shenmue 3, e3

With the announcement of its release date, Shenmue 3 is finally starting to feel real, and we’re absolutely stoked about the prospect of finally resolving Ryo’s story on Aug. 27 next year.

It’s going to be absolutely fascinating to see just the developers will adapt Shenmue’s gameplay to feel modern and relevant in 2018. Apart from relieving nostalgia, if the recent Shenmue remastered have taught us anything, it’s that they certainly do feel dated. How will Shenmue 3 iterate on the formula while still keeping itself rooted in the past in such a way that it actually feels connected to the first two games? Perhaps the developers have looked towards the Yakuza series for inspiration after Sega has found so much success recently with what is, after all, perhaps the most comparable IP to Shenmue.

Along with the release date, we did get to see some more action via a new story trailer, which further teased the narrative direction of the upcoming game. We’re intrigued and excited, of course, but itching for some gameplay.

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