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Top 5 Best Console Exclusives of 2018 So Far


Top 5 Best Console Exclusives of 2018 So Far

Detroit: Become Human

Top 5 Best Console Exclusives of 2018 So Far

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Quantic Dream’s latest game marks a big return to form for the studio, and it’s absolutely one PS4’s best exclusives this year. Detroit: Become Human is a thrilling tale of bravery in the face of oppression, and it’s perhaps the high watermark for writer David Cage, representing arguably his best work to date. The manner in which each independent story weaves together throughout the narrative and then collides in a gripping crescendo really is superb. The characters are interesting across the board, too, and there are some standout acting performances from characters, such as Connor, the android detective.

What we loved in particular about Detroit was the way in which the nature of the story created conflict, both between the player and character, and the characters themselves. Connor was fascinating to play, but having him hunt Kara was part suspenseful, part painful. And the banter between Connor and his partner Hank was playful, but it also did well to highlight human sentiment towards androids. Observing his bond strengthen with Connor and slowly abandon his prejudices was among the most interesting subplots in the story.

Even if you’re not typically a fan of story-driven adventure games, we urge you to try Detroit: Become Human. 

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