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Top 10 Best Action Games of 2018 So Far


Top 10 Best Action Games of 2018 So Far

Monster Hunter: World

Best Action Games of 2018 So Far

Monster Hunter: World, Shadow of the Colossus

Anyone who has ever played a Monster Hunter game knew Monster Hunter: World was going to be good, but we never expected it was going to be this good. The game plays much like any other entry in the Monster Hunter franchise, but it changes enough to feel like a brand new experience. While Monster Hunter: World is more than happy to punish newbies who stroll into the game thinking it’s just another hack-and-slash, it’s welcoming at the same time. World actually lowers the barrier of entry and eases players into the endless cycle of hunt-kill-carve-craft-repeat with the aid of monster-seeking Scout Flies. And who can forget the brand new, large, open levels that help the game feel like a living, breathing world, especially when two apex predators inevitably clash and reenact their favorite Godzilla fights?

At release, Monster Hunter: World was a beast of a game, but it has gotten even larger thanks to a steady release of free DLC. Yes, free DLC. No season pass or microtransactions. If you bought the game, everything and anything that is added down the pipeline is yours to hunt and wear for the reasonable price of you already paid for the game. Lunastra? Turn her larynx into a weaponized bagpipe. Deviljho? Transform that oversized pickle into a championship belt. Monster Hunter: World isn’t just a stellar action game; it’s a stellar example of how to keep players coming back for more with consumer-friendly DLC practices.

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