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9 Heart-Wrenching Moments in Telltale’s The Walking Dead that Still Have Us Messed Up


9 Heart-Wrenching Moments in Telltale’s The Walking Dead that Still Have Us Messed Up

It should have been super obvious from the title before you clicked in, but just in case, MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING for the first three seasons of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, ahoy. If you haven’t yet played them and plan on doing so, you may wish to skip this article until a later date.

Season 1: Duck and Katjaa’s Death

The Most Heart-Wrenching Telltale Walking Dead Moments

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While leading up to episode 3 there were plenty of stressful moments, and tough choices to make, the death of these two are the first real heart-wrenching moments of what would be many in the now long-running Telltale Walking Dead series.

While by design, your relationship with Kenny is constantly up and down, Duck and Katjaa were completely innocent and it was pretty much impossible to dislike them. Sure Duck was a little irritating at first, but by the start of episode 3, you get a sense of how endearing he is, and it’s cute how he and Clementine become such close friends. Meanwhile Katjaa, up until the death of Duck, was a steady, calming presence.

However, when Duck is bitten in the events of episode 3 everything changes for the group. Duck, of course, has his fate sealed, but Kenny and Katjaa are devastated by the news. Whether you kill Duck yourself or have Kenny do it, it’s a tough scene to take. Kenny is completely broken and is cold to all but the most loyal Lee players, and Katjaa can’t bear the pain and ends her life.

Season 1: The Boy in the Attic

The Most-Heart Wrenching Telltale Walking Dead Moments

Kenny can’t catch a break. Not too long after having to watch his wife and his son die, he and Lee come across a starved zombie child locked in an attic. He, like Duck, Katjaa, and so many in the aftermath of the walker outbreak, was helpless, and innocent, but those types are people are likely the ones most vulnerable sadly.

The boy reminds Kenny of Duck and it hits him hard. Lee then has to decide to either put the child out of misery himself or ask Kenny to take care of it. If you killed Duck for Kenny, having Kenny get some closure by at least being able to end this child’s suffering seemed like the right thing to do.

Season 1: Lee’s Death

The Most-Heart Wrenching Telltale Walking Dead Moments

I mean, this is probably the toughest moment in the entire series, right? If the first season of The Walking Dead wasn’t worthy of all those GOTY awards it won to this point, the arc leading up t Lee’s death is probably the moment that sealed the deal for many critics and fans.

Things are starting to look somewhat up for Lee by the end of episode 4, that is until of course, he is bitten by a stray walker and finds out that Clementine has gone missing. Episode 5 is one big long quest to locate and save Clementine before the disease brings Lee down. Lee fights and gives everything he has to save Clementine and give her the opportunity to live.

Finally, we’re left with Lee, Clementine, and a gun. Lee had been preparing Clementine to survive in this new world the entire season, and whether she proves it by killing Lee before he turns, or learning the hard way by allowing Lee to turn into a walker, she definitely gets the message. Watching their tearful goodbye was undoubtedly the hardest, and most heart-wrenching moment to watch in any season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead.

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