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Sega Is Planning to Revive Old IPs, Here’s 6 That Should Have First Dibs


Sega Is Planning to Revive Old IPs, Here’s 6 That Should Have First Dibs


During their recent fiscal report, word came out that Sega is planning a “revival of major IPs.” This could mean any number of things are on the table, but there’s a few Sega series, in particular, that we think need to come back.

Character action and platforming games are going through a resurgence these days what with titles like Yooka-Laylee, Super Mario Odyssey, A Hat in Time, and Sonic Mania. Nights is yet another of those games that could easily capitalize on the revitalized genre, and a remade and rebooted title could create another minor mascot for Sega.

When it released on the Sega Saturn, Nights’ use of 3D graphics was incredibly impressive and the flying gameplay controlled surprisingly well, giving you much more of a fine-tuned control scheme versus the high-speed action of Sonic. Only two games were ever released in the series, the original and a sequel on the Nintendo Wii. Both games were received moderately well and their visuals and aesthetic were quite unique from anything else out there. The deluge of Sonic games has definitely started to takes its toll in recent years with titles like Sonic Boom and Sonic Forces, even if we also got the phenomenal Sonic Mania. Maybe Sega can try giving Sonic a little bit of time off, take a year or two to reset things and really invest in development, and in the meantime reboot Nights with a brand new entry.

There’s certainly potential in this short-lived series, especially on a console focused on families and younger gamers, like the Nintendo Switch.

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