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Halo 5: How to Get Achilles Armor


Halo 5: How to Get Achilles Armor

How to Get Achilles Armor in Halo 5

Halo 5 has been out for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean 343 Studios are done adding to the ever-expanding multiplayer of Halo 5. From new maps and modes, 343 has continued support for fans of Halo 5 and one thing they have brought to the table is new armor sets for players to earn. The Achilles Armor set is a new armor set players can obtain by completing certain objectives in Halo 5, and then an wear the armor to show off their accomplishments.

In order to obtain this armor players must first join a Spartan Company, which is similar to a guild in other games. once players are involved in a Spartan Company they can begin to earn the kill commendations needed in order to get the Achilles Armor. The commendations are counted as a company so no one Spartan has to do them on their own. A list of the commendations needed can be found here.

The armor can be attained by hitting level three in the kill commendations list, and the helmet requires level 5. Leveling up is simply done by completing each section of the commendation list and once enough are completed you will begin to unlock the Achilles Armor.

Some of these include

  • Sorry Mate: Kill 38,900 Marines
  • From The Top Rope: Kill an enemy with a ground pound: 4,900
  • Can’t We Get Along?: Kill 19,400 Covenant

Those are just a few of the dozens of kill commendations players will have to join together to complete to get the Achilles Armor set. Earning this armor shows a serious level of commitment and something that will take quite some time. 343 gave players something to band together and really work towards a goal.

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