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Capcom, Here Are Your Next 6 Remakes for After Resident Evil 2, You’re Welcome


Capcom, Here Are Your Next 6 Remakes for After Resident Evil 2, You’re Welcome

The long-awaited reveal of the Resident Evil 2 remake made a lot of people very happy. Capcom, itself, spoke of being shocked at just how upbeat the reception way. No wonder, then, it’s since suggested it might look into reviving other old IPs in the future. That got us thinking, of all its exciting IPs, which would we most want to see get the full remake treatment?

Dino Crisis

Whereas Resident Evil grew from a survival horror-focused title into a more cheesy action affair, Dino Crisis was always firmly established in its campy, horror-action niche. Set in an alternate timeline where scientists have revived dinosaurs to be weaponized and altered for warfare, the player would take control of a group of special agents tasked with taking on the ravenous reptiles, uncovering the sinister plots that revived them and stemming the outbreak before it reaches civilization.

With Resident Evil moving back toward its survival horror roots, now would be the perfect time for Dino Crisis to fill the campy action vacuum it’ll leave behind. If it were given freshly made graphics, a multiplayer mode and a renewed take on some of the more monstrous dinosaurs in its stable of enemies, it could dial the already over-the-top plot up to 11, steer into the skid of its ridiculous premise, and expose today’s horror fans to the delightful absurdity of early ’90s survival horror titles.

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