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7 Best Skyrim Mods of July 2018


7 Best Skyrim Mods of July 2018

Immersive World Events

When you’re not busy slaying dragons or trotting off on some side quest, you’re usually spending most of your time on the road in Skyrim. Sure, quick travel is always an option, but what better way to experience the open world than by walking (or horseback). That said, the world can feel a bit monotonous and uneventful, for the most part, so you can use this mod to spice things up. The Immersive World Events mod adds a slew of new events to the game that aims to add some variety in your travels. These scenes can trigger when you’re out exploring or even when you’re in a tavern, which is quite interesting and sometimes unexpected. You can grab the mod here if you’re interested.

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