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5 Ways Sekiro Will Be Different From Dark Souls


5 Ways Sekiro Will Be Different From Dark Souls

FromSoftware’s newest action RPG is on its way and it may be sooner than you thought. Releasing March 22, 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is, in some ways, an evolution of the beloved Souls series. Just by looking at it, you’ll probably notice the inspiration from Dark Souls. The comparisons may be inevitable, but Sekiro is also quite different from the Souls series. Since Gamescom is this week, we’ve gotten a ton of new info about FromSoftware’s upcoming title and there’s a lot to cover.


Ways Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Is Different From Dark Souls

One of Sekiro’s most notable features is the inclusion of a grappling hook that can be utilized to traverse the environment. There is a sense of verticality that allows players to zip around and use height to their advantage. Dark Souls has some semblance of verticality, but Sekiro takes this to new heights (pun intended). You’re able to grapple up to a platform and drop down onto an enemy to deal massive damage, similar to the plummet attacks from Dark Souls. However, being able to do this more freely will introduce some added strategy that will encourage players to pick and choose their positioning when initiating a fight.

It also means that the hook can be used to close the gap between you and an enemy, bringing even more strategy into play. Certain situations come to mind, like striking the enemy a few times, zipping away to recover and then grappling right back for a few more strikes. It’s a fresh inclusion that may result in a variety of playstyles and we’re curious to see the many other ways the grappling hook will be used.

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