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5 Possibilities for What Smash Ultimate’s Mystery Mode Could Be


5 Possibilities for What Smash Ultimate’s Mystery Mode Could Be

Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode was one of the big additions included in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and it took the single player offerings in the game to a new level. The mode had players traversing through different levels representative of each character’s original universe. In addition to the typical one-on-one fights, there were special fights, such as pitting you against twelve Pikachu’s, while others had you traversing lengthy areas doing battle with basic enemies, like Mario’s Goombas or Zelda’s Redead.

While we now know that Classic Mode will be returning in Smash Bros. Ultimate, it’s very possible we could see the return of some kind of Adventure Mode. With Nintendo doubling down on the amount of content in Ultimate, it’s hard to say what lengths they’d go to with a single player mode, but a new Adventure would strike a nice middle ground for depth. Adventuring through different stages from across the roster would be a blast, especially if we got to see enemies from the likes of games like Mega Man and Castlevania. This would allow Nintendo to provide a nice kind of depth for single player, while not sinking too much time and effort into development.

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