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5 Games With Way Better Gameplay Than Story


5 Games With Way Better Gameplay Than Story

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

The mind of Hideo Kojima has always brought us games with crazy and over the top stories, and Metal Gear Solid V was no different. The phenomenal opening hour features collapsing hospitals, hallucinations, and giant flying fire whales, so pretty much par for the course for a Kojima game. The rest of the game doesn’t keep that same pace of intensity, however, with the rest of it resembling a sort of jumbled mess.

In short, set nine years after Ground Zeroes (the game’s short prequel) and a decade prior to the first Metal Gear, The Phantom Pain sees Snake head to Afghanistan to take on the forces that nearly killed him. The stealth focused gameplay works excellently in the game’s open world, with plenty of tactics at your disposal. You’re given complete freedom, on a level unlike any other game, to approach each situation however you’d like, and it feels excellent to play. You create your own unique stories as you play, which is perfect since the game’s own story isn’t especially compelling.

With strange enemies, odd cinematic presentation flair, and scenes that don’t tie together well, the narrative is difficult to follow. On top of that, there are multiple ‘endings’ and it’s difficult to know where you’d supposed to stop. When the credits roll, you still haven’t seen the whole story, and that only makes things more confusing.

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