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5 Platinum Trophies that are Just Plain Unfair


5 Platinum Trophies that are Just Plain Unfair

To celebrate the ten year anniversary of PlayStation trophies, let’s look at the five most ridiculous platinum trophies of all time.


This Monday was the 10-year anniversary of trophies on the PlayStation platform. Many platinum trophies provide the player with a great sense of pride and accomplishment, and it can be fun to complete all the challenges the developer has for you. Some platinum trophies are easier than others, some games have better trophy lists than others, but some games have trophy requirements that are completely insane. Here are five of the most ridiculous platinum trophies of all time.

To start things off is Fortnite, and it’s not because it’s the most popular game in the world right now. However, Fortnite does belong on this list. While most people are busy eating their chicken dinners (wait, wrong game) while playing the battle royale game mode, the original Save the World mode comes with a platinum trophy. Many of the trophies don’t appear daunting at first glance, but once you start scrolling down, it becomes apparent that there will be a serious grind. There are four specific trophies will require an ungodly amount of time: Talent Builder, Guardian Angel, World Explorer, and Plays Well With Others. Talent Builder? Build 500,000 structures; the average Save the World mission only has you building somewhere between 100 to 150 structures. Guardian Angel? Rescue 10,000 survivors; the highest number of survivors in Rescue the Survivor missions is 15. World Explorer? 1,500 zones explored; there are only two in each mission. Play Well With Others? Play 1,000 co-op missions with strangers.

Time to do some basic math, each mission has an average time of 20 minutes, give or take. The 1,000 co-op missions already add up to 20,000 minutes, which is over 333 hours. That’s not all. The majority of the co-op missions are random, which means the odds of playing Rescue the Survivor missions are rare. Rescuing 10,000 survivors in Rescue the Survivor missions will require approximately 666 missions. Each mission is 20 minutes long, and that adds up to 222 hours. There might be some overlap between Rescue the Survivors missions and Play With Others missions, but this game will still demand upwards of 500 hours for the platinum trophy.

This post was originally written by Jose Aranda.

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