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5 Fortnite Crossovers that Would End the Competition


5 Fortnite Crossovers that Would End the Competition

Star Wars

5 Other Crossovers We’d Like to See in Fortnite

Star Wars Battlefront II, xbox one, november

A Fortnite and Star Wars crossover event could bring a lot of different things to the table with its large list of species, locations, and vehicles, but with the recent Infinity War crossover game mode Epic has already laid the groundwork. Imagine a 1 vs 99 scenario in which one player is Kylo Ren and the rest are trying to take him down.

Kylo Ren could have abilities such as Force Choke, Force Lightning, and his lightsaber toss to use against the opposing players. Similar to the Thanos fight, whoever kills Ren would then be able to run and collect his lightsaber to become the next Kylo Ren and this would continue until there is only one player left.

This would also open the floodgates for some awesome Star Wars themed skins. Imagine running through the battle royale map with a lightsaber as your pickaxe, or seeing someone in a C3PO skin in the distance. The possibilities are nearly endless for a Star Wars crossover and that has us very excited.

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