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5 Fortnite Challenges to Try If You’re Tired of Winning


5 Fortnite Challenges to Try If You’re Tired of Winning

The Four Corners Challenge


We’ve all been there. You’ve just won three games in a row with your squad and things are beginning to get a little stale. Or, you’re just getting tired of the same-old-same-old when it comes to playing with your friends. Well, there’s a way you can still have some fun in Fortnite’s squads mode which also adds a good bit of challenge to proceedings, too.

The Four Corners challenge, as you may have guessed, tasks each member of your squad in Fortnite to land in one corner of the map. Once you’ve landed, it’s down to you all to communicate, figure out a place to meet in the center of the map, and survive the journey there.

Why’s it fun? Well, you’re going to be taking on potential teams of four on your own. Plus, it’s always a good laugh to hear your teammates screaming hysterically as they’re chased down by a group of Cuddle Team leaders wielding shotguns, don’t you agree?

This’ll put your building and reaction skills to the test, and also makes for quite a fun spectator sport if you or another member of your team happens to go down early.

If you’re looking for a slight modification on this challenge, you can always agree to land at four separate named locales a fair distance from one another and once again regroup in the center.

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