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DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Flying Nimbus Medals


DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Flying Nimbus Medals

How to Get Flying Nimbus Medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle

In DBZ Dokkan Battle, there are a number of ways to defeat your opponent. One of the quickest ways is Dokkan
Awakening your Rage Super Saiyan Goku or Vegeta (or any other character you’d wish that can). To do so, though, you’ll have to utilize what are known as Flying Nimbus Medals. Unfortunately, at least for those looking to go Rage SSJ Goku as often as possible, coming across Flying Nimbus Medals isn’t easy. Not only are they difficult to come by, but understanding how to do so can be quite confusing. We’ve got you covered, though.

There are a number of timed events that have made their way into the game that reward players with these medals. When there are timed events available for you to complete, you’ll be able to see what rewards completing the event yields. Keep an eye out for those as they are virtually the only way to obtain Flying Nimbus Medals.

These events are the Kid Buu Dokkan, SSJ3 Goku Dokkan, Gogeta Dokkan, SSJ3 Gotenks Dokkan, SSJ3 Gotenks Dokkan and Buuhan Dokkan Events. As the game is ever-evolving, it’s expected that more events will make their way into the game.

Each of these events will yield to you Flying Nimbus Medals in DBZ Dokkan Battle, but you have to complete missions at different difficulties to do so. For example, in the Kid Buu Dokkan Event, on Stage 1, if you complete the mission, “Clear within 2:30,” on the Z-Hard difficulty, you’ll be rewarded with one Flying Nimbus Medal. Most of these missions will give you just one medal, but there are those that yield two or three of them.

In the Gogeta Dokkan Event, on Stage 3, completing the mission, “Clear within 5:00,” on the Super 2 difficulty will result in three Flying Nimbus Medals.

For a complete list, check out this post on the DBZ Dokkan Battle subreddit by user koalasan_z.

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