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Who Had the Best Exclusives in Q2 2018? Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo


Who Had the Best Exclusives in Q2 2018? Sony vs Microsoft vs Nintendo


Obviously, any list of Sony’s Q2 endeavours this year immediately gravitates towards God of War, a game of the year contender and bonafide console seller. For a series that was running the risk of retreading familiar waters, this reboot did exactly what was required; it was stunning, poignant, and of course, unfathomably brutal. As of this moment, it sits atop the Metacritic rankings for 2018, tied with the Xbox One edition of Celeste with a majestic score of 94.

And they weren’t done there, either. Detroit: Become Human is one of the most gorgeous-looking games of this console generation, and the tale it told is a fascinating one. Its application may be clumsy in places, and it perhaps couldn’t quite withstand the pressure of its own ambition, but if you take it at face value, you’ll be in for a treat.

Rounding out the collection are the charming Sword of Ditto and remasters for Dragon’s Crown and Horizon Chase (a timed console exclusive), among other, less significant titles. Meanwhile, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life sits tenuously on the fence between quarters, released worldwide on April 17th, but with the English version first arriving in Asia by the end of March.

“Which quarter do you belong to, Kiryu-san?” we ask in desperation. He shakes his head sadly in response, for he himself is not certain, and in hindsight, he might not actually understand a word we just said.

Overall, this quarter has been fairly top heavy for Sony, without so many supplementary exclusive titles to help carry their weight, but Kratos is more than capable of shouldering the load like a grumpy version of Atlas.

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