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8 Secret Video Game Endings You (Probably) Never Unlocked


8 Secret Video Game Endings You (Probably) Never Unlocked

Silent Hill 2’s Dog Ending

Secret Video Game Endings You (Probably) Never Unlocked

[Obvious spoilers are obvious. Read on past this super old entry at your own risk. There are a couple of games from this generation, although each are at least a couple of years old.]

When a series is already known for goofy endings involving alien abductions, it takes a lot for something to successfully raise the ante. And yet that’s exactly what Silent Hill 2’s secret dog ending does. After making their way through the monster-filled hellscape of Silent Hill, unlocking all three normal endings and discovering an observatory key in a dog house, players come face to face with the true ring leader of all of the insanity: A dog wearing a headset and pulling a series of levers. They’re then treated to a charming, bark filled song to let the insanity of the moment set in.

The ending comes completely out of left field and is all the more impactful due to how much players have to go through to get it.

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