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5 Most Embarrassing Ways to Die in Video Games


5 Most Embarrassing Ways to Die in Video Games

These are five embarrassing video game deaths that happened to all of us, at least once. These type of deaths do sometimes allow for some funny stories to be shared with some friends but everything considered, it’s best that these deaths are avoided as much as possible.

Falling to Your Death

fall damage

Deaths in video games are there to teach the player what not to do. It’s important to learn from mistakes and move on. Stuck on a tough boss? Study the boss’ movements and attack when the opportunity presents itself. Having trouble getting through a tough platforming section? Keep calm and focus your attention on timing your jumps and landing on the correct platform. However, sometimes video game deaths are downright embarrassing, and there is nothing to learn from these deaths. These video game deaths are the equivalent of accidentally choking and coughing when drinking a glass of water. The brain knows to close the valve between the esophagus and trachea to keep water out, but every once in a while it happens to all of us. These are five embarrassing video game deaths that happened to all of us, at least once.

Surging through the game, cutting down all those who oppose you with your mighty sword. You use deadly precision, perfectly timed evasions, and quick thinking to get through your enemies, nothing can stop you now. The next checkpoint is straight ahead, just beyond a simple jump. You ramp up speed and go for the jump, but something awful occurs. The character either jumps over the platform or just barely misses it, it doesn’t matter, you fall down toward your death.

Some video games implement an invisible wall to prevent the player from simply walking off a cliff, or the character grapples the edge of a platform to avoid fall damage, but some games are more than happy to allow players to walk off a ledge to their deaths. The most frustrating thing about falling to your death is that it occurs at the most inopportune times. It always seems to happen right before a checkpoint or just by accidentally nudging the analog stick just a bit too much for the character to walk off the platform (looking at you, Dark Souls). Some platformers or action games implement difficult jumps to test the skill of the player, dying during these sections are not embarrassing, it’s a core part of the game. The real frustration crops up on a death that was very easily avoidable, a mistimed jump, running too fast near the edge, or not looking at the screen as the character simply walks off the platform. These video game deaths can lead to a loss of progress and force the player to go through a challenging area again. There are more unsatisfying ways to die in video games, but this is one of the lamest.

This post was originally written by Jose Aranda.

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