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5 Current Gen Games with Painfully Long Loading Screens

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5 Current Gen Games with Painfully Long Loading Screens



FromSoftware’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne was a critical and commercial darling that’s sure gone down as one of the games of this generation. Typical of the developer behind the iconic and seminal Souls series, Bloodborne featured superb combat and top-notch level design, all wrapped in a brooding, wickedly dark atmosphere. It was also punishingly, no, infuriatingly hard, which meant dying… a lot. But that wasn’t even the upsetting part, oh no. What was truly upsetting was having to wait endlessly for Bloodborne to load time after time in between each aggravating death.

It truly was the loading times that were almost worse than the deaths themselves. It’s one thing getting your ass handed to you, it’s quite another to have to sit there, red with anger, twiddling your thumbs patiently before having the chance to try again. Sometimes I think Souls games are like therapy, raising your adrenaline to panic-attack levels before teaching you to breathe, woosah, and keep your composure. But we didn’t need minute-or-two-long loading screen times for that, thank you very much. Luckily, a subsequent patch fixed the issue in the months after release.

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