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Westworld Mobile: How to Get Host Codes & What They Are


Westworld Mobile: How to Get Host Codes & What They Are

How to Get Host Codes & What They Are in Westworld Mobile

As you start out building your park in Westworld Mobile, many of the hosts you can have populating your town are one-star, generic bots that aren’t all that useful. Sure, they’ll do for now, but when things pick up a little later on, you’ll want hosts with higher star ratings and more roles that they can take on. Host Codes, as a result, are incredibly important in Westworld Mobile, so here’s what you need to know about them.

Host Codes are essentially the schematics for how to build a particular host. While you’ll start off with one-star Gambler host codes, it is possible to get more for higher-rated hosts, or unique characters such as Lawrence (everyone loves Lawrence!).

These Host Codes can be earned by simply having a host interact with a park guest. To increase your chances of Host Codes dropping from an interaction, you’ll want to try and match the host and guest affinities. To work this out, simply look at the color of the hat next to both of them. A white hat is a positive affinity, black negative, and that beige color is neutral. Try and match two white hat affinities together, and the host and guest will hit it off and net you some bonus rewards, more often than not one of those being a Host Code.

Host Codes can also be gotten by completing the daily tasks, though they’re never anything too exciting. Daily objectives also have Host Codes available, though these tend to take a little longer to complete.

Finally, you may notice that there are special events that take place in Westworld Mobile. These may give you a particular time limit to do a particular action, such as creating x number of props for your hosts. Keep an eye out for these at all times by checking your inbox (the envelope icon on the left). They’re far, far harder than the tasks and objectives, but they’ll net you some serious rewards as a result.

For more on Westworld Mobile, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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