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5 Ways Just Cause 4 Amps Up Its Destruction to Ridiculous New Levels (E3 Preview)


5 Ways Just Cause 4 Amps Up Its Destruction to Ridiculous New Levels (E3 Preview)

A New and Improved Grappling Hook

Just Cause 4 was one of Square Enix’s big reveals from E3 2018, and the game is actually not too far off with a release date of Dec. 4. In a behind-closed-doors demo with Avalanche, Twinfinite got the chance to see a bit more of Just Cause 4, and some of the big changes coming to the game, especially in terms of its trademark sandbox destruction.

The first thing that Avalanche pointed out was the big changes coming to the grappling hook in Just Cause 4. At its core the mechanic functions the same as in the previous games, letting you latch onto things and propel yourself into them. The big change this time comes with the way you can augment and enhance the grappling hook, changing its effect. For example, in the past when you attached a grappling link between two crates they’d simply slam together. Now you can apply a variety of effects to the hook, making it so the crates create a giant electrical blast when they slam together, causing even more destruction.

A change most fans are sure to appreciate is the fact that you can apply boosters through your grappling hook now, no longer requiring you to be next to the object. You can apply multiple boosters at once again, but it’s much easier and quicker to do so. In our demo, Avalanche hooked a crate to a crane, applied boosters to the bottom of the crate and the side of the crane, and created a veritable wrecking ball by activating everything. The crane swung the crate around up onto the bridge above, knockings cars away like toys in the process. The quick look we got at the game’s menu promised even more variations and modifications you can put on your grappling hook, leading to even more destructive options.

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