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The Crew 2: Is it Cross Platform? What You Need to Know


The Crew 2: Is it Cross Platform? What You Need to Know

Is The Crew 2 Cross Platform?

The Crew 2 is finally here this week, and players will be able to return to the large open-world racing game. This time, Ivory Tower has added both aircraft and boats into to the mix. So not only can you drive anywhere in the continental U.S., you’ll also come across opportunities to race in the skies and the seas as well.

If you’re here, you’re obviously wondering whether or not The Crew 2 features cross platform play. It is after all on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Well… we have bad news on that front. Unsurprisingly the PS4 does not feature any cross play at all, as has been the case for many games released on that platform. You won’t be able to play with your friends on PS4, while playing on your Xbox One. The same though is true for both consoles and PC as well. Effectively, everything is on its own, as far as we can tell based on recent comments by developer Ivory Tower, that isn’t changing any time soon.

That does it for whether or not The Crew 2 is cross platform. Sorry we don’t have better news, but hopefully you can move on knowing the truth.


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