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Arc System Works’ Latest Project is Kill la Kill The Game


Arc System Works’ Latest Project is Kill la Kill The Game

After a lengthy countdown teasing a collaboration between Arc System Works and Studio Trigger, a website emerged with a teaser for Kill la Kill The Game, based on the widely popular anime of the same name. While the game has no release date beyond 2019 or any systems announced, there will be more details on the project during Anime Expo 2018, July 5-8.

The game’s teaser trailer simply shows scenes from the anime, but the few screenshots of the game posted on its website look incredibly polished and are stunningly close to the anime. Just the brief frames of the two rivals slashing at each other look more well-done that typical anime fighters. Not surprising seeing as Studio Trigger, the anime’s developer and producers of the beautiful Little Witch Academia anime, are partnering with the producers of massively popular and polished fighting games BlazBlue and Guilty Gear, Arc System Works. Considering the game’s genre is “KLK Battle Action,” one can assume this will be the perfect game for fans of the anime that have been asking for a game adaption.

Kill la Kill, praised for its brilliant comedy, incredible action sequences and gorgeous art style, follows Ryuko Matoi as she searches for her father’s murderer. As her search leads her to a school dominated by a vicious, violent student government led by Satsuki Kiryuin, Ryuko must face each opposing foe in order to learn the truth behind her father’s demise. Packed with talking, sentient uniforms constructed for supernatural battles set behind a masterfully produced soundtrack, Kill la Kill has become an instant classic for anime fans.

Kill la Kill the Game is set to release in 2019.

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